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Roots a Haiku

root haiku



As I sit here today looking outside, I’m trying to think of what it would be like to be out in the elements.  We’ve had some pretty bad weather this winter and this past weekend it was snowing, blowing, ice pellets, and very high winds here in Ontario, Canada. Today it is still snowing and looks a bit windy out there. Think I’ll hibernate today.


Blustery snow

Descending down

Howling Winds

Shaking the trees

Temperatures plummeting

Cold to the bone

Wandering aimlessly

Trudging through

Gasping for air

Desperately seeking cover

Cannot find shelter

Frostbite is evident

Hypothermia sets in

Collapsing from exhaustion

Losing consciousness


©Susan Zutautas 2019

Winter’s Worst

Tired of Winter

We yearn for springtime

We put our trust in groundhogs

We must be crazy!

.©  S.Zutautas 2019

Winter Evening – Haiku


In Like a Lion

Winds are a howling

Temperatures plummeting

Abounding blizzards 

February Haiku

A Little Bit of Poetry

February blahs

Taken over by fatigue

Dreams of warm sunshine