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Can You Find All the Spikes?

spiky house

This is a side view of my home taken in November of 2018. It’s when snowmageddon started. We had some warmer weather these past 2 days and quite a bit of the snow melted but I won’t be happy until I can see grass again.

This photo is for Becky’s Spiky March Squares challenge.

Spiky Pins

spiky pins

This photo is for Spiky March Squares over at Becky’s.

Florida Breezes

A short review about a restaurant in Palm Harbor, Florida that was fantastic.

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Moon Aglow


moon spiky

Lighting up the sky

Darkness awaits your presence

Natural beauty

© Susan Zutautas 2019


This picture (must be square) is for a photo challenge over at Becky’s. #Spiky March Squares.

I’m also linking up to #My Daily Haiku 3/18/19.

Healthy Spiky Square

Asparagus has to be my favorite vegetable. Not only tasty but loaded with vitamins as well. It’s so costly in the offseason so I tend to only buy it when it’s in season.  I love it raw, cooked, and pickled. Wrapped in bacon and roasted in the oven is so delicious. Great addition to a Caesar drink. Do you like asparagus? I know not everyone does. Please let me know your answer in the comment section below.

spiky asparagus


This picture (must be square) is for a photo challenge over at Becky’s. #Spiky March Squares.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Spiky Squares Bulrushes

When I was a child we would go to my grandmother’s cottage on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. At night once it got dark out the guys would dip a bulrush in gasoline and light it. We could then walk about and find our way while holding the bulrush. Once I got older I would cut down bulrushes, dry them out and put them in a vase. I found this wall art of bulrushes and just had to have it.

This picture (must be square) is for a photo challenge over at Becky’s. #Spiky March Squares.


One more shot.
spiky bulrushes

Spiky Squares Lobsterfest

This picture is for Becky’s #Spiky Squares March challenge.

spiky lobster

Got this little guy or girl magnet/bottle opener when I was in Prince Edward Island.

Spiky March Squares Brush

This photo is for a March Spiky Squares challenge over at Becky’s.

spiky brush

I was reading a few quotes about hair brushes and most of them are pretty lame. I did, however, find one by Katy Perry.

You know you’re living right when you wake up, brush your hair – and confetti falls out!

Spiky Squares Daffodils

This is my spiky square photo for today for Becky’s challenge for March.

One of my favorite flowers, these are two daffodils that I made using stained glass.

spiky dafodils

Spiky Squares – Knives


This picture is for Becky’s Spiky Squares challenge for March.

The Knife Edge by Richard Thompson