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Spiky Squares – Meet Douglas

Sharing for Fandango’s Friday Flashback.

This is Douglas the pelican. He is my submission for Spiky March Squares.


Goodbye Spiky March Squares

spiky rocks

Thank you to Becky

Spiky March Squares has been fun

This is the last day


March thirty-first has

arrived too quickly for me

Inspirations found


Meeting new people

I’m gratefully on cloud nine

Thanks again Becky


spiky grass

Spiky old grass

© Susan Zutautas 2019


March wrapup for spiky can be found over at Becky’s.




Umbrella Tree in March

spiky tree

March has been a lot of fun with Becky’s photo challenge. Looking forward to June to see what the next challenge will be.

This is for Spiky March Squares over at Becky’s.

Remnants of Fall

S.Zutautas spiky bush

Yesterday while out for a walk looking for something spiky I came upon this bush. Although the seed pods are dead I did find beauty in the bush.

This picture is for Becky’s Spiky March Squares challenge.

Bird Watching

spiky bird

White Ibis

Sometimes bird watching is more fun than people watching. The white ibis is native to Florida and is a freshwater bird that I saw while at John S Taylor Park on the Taylor Reservoir.

This photo is for Becky’s Spiky March Squares challenge.


Feeling Like a Tourist

spiky opera house

Orillia Opera House

Here are some spiky squares I took the other day while on a walk around Orillia feeling like a tourist.

This one is of the Orillia Opera House. If you’re a Gordon Lightfoot fan you can see him perform here several times a year.

spiky church

This is Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church in Orillia which is very close to where I live. All the brickwork is in limestone.

Linking up to Spiky March Squares over at Becky’s.

Out on the Water

spiky boat

Madeira Beach, Florida

This is for Spiky March Squares over at Becky’s.

Broken Ice – Haiku

spiky broken ice

Broken, cracked, pile up

Gathered for relocation

Evanesce, transpire

© Susan Zutautas 2019


The picture is in response to Becky’s Spiky March Squares challenge.






Canada Goose

Canada Goose

I saw This Canada goose one day while I was at a hospital, and he was down below me outside, in a mechanical area, quite a fair distance away.  I stood watching him wondering why he was there and all alone. He would fly from one thing to another but appeared to be having problems getting into flight. He kept trying to fly but could only get so high and then he’d land.  A few geese from his flock (so I thought) showed up and  after a few more attempts he gained air and flew away,

This post is for Spiky March Squares over at Becky’s.


Martyrs’ Shrine

Construction of Martyrs’ Shrine in Midland, Ontario was started in 1907 and completed in 1925.

This picture is for Spiky March Squares over at Becky’s.

spiky shrine

Martyrs’ Shrine Midland, Ontario