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weekend writing prompt


Nothing can be heard

The silence is so peaceful

Relax and enjoy

Kids return shortly


© Susan Zutautas 2019

This little poem was written for Weekend Writing Prompt #100

No Sound

I sit in silence
It’s totally deafening
All I feel is darkness without any light
No sounds, no words, total loneliness surrounds me
Longing just to hear a voice
I try to hum a tune
No sounds will come out
Overtaken with despair
Never to hear another note
Never to hear sounds that excite
Never to feel any delight
The silence has overtaken all of my thoughts
Driving me into a madness
All days are night all nights are night
No hope in sight to hear another sound
No hope in escaping the darkest time of my life
Susan Zutautas 2016

This poem was written for a “Flash Fiction” challenge over at Carrot Ranch. “In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes the sense of sound. It can be an onomatopoeia, a swearing session with sound alike substitutes, lyrical prose or a description of a sound.”

Silence and Noise Haiku Style

Alone in my thoughts
No interruptions at all
Blissfully peaceful

Too Loud for thinking
City traffic, head pounding
No peace to be found

Internal Quiet

Peaceful and resting                          

Silently enjoying bliss

Till noise interrupts