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Life Was More Fun With Newfs

newfs and potato chipsnewf cup

This post is for Friday Follies Season 3 Episode 8.

Finding the Motherload

One day last week I was in a shop called The Birdhouse. I often go there to browse and see what’s new. Looking around I noticed a few walls that were saturated with signs. I felt as if I’d hit the motherload. I’ve been in there hundreds of times before but the signs never drew me in like they did that day.


signs 2

signs 3

This post is for Friday Follies Season 3 Episode 1. 

Friday Follies 2/10 – Beer

beer sign

This post is for Season 2 Episode 10 of Friday Follies over at

Beer, who doesn’t like beer? Okay, I know not everyone enjoys drinking the suds. It is my first drink of choice. As a matter of fact, I’ve loved it since I was around two years old. Yes, you read that correctly … I did say two.

Here’s the story about my very first swig of beer.

My dad was having a beer one day and had to use the loo. In the hallway close to the bathroom was a small table and he set the beer bottle down on it. I saw this, went and picked up the bottle and finished off what was left of it. After that, anytime my dad or grandfather were having a beer, I would get a small juice glass of beer for myself.

Beer, favorite drink

One for you and one for me

Quenches the thirst, CHEERS!