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Darkness – Haiku

Darkness (1)



We’re all in the dark

Stay strong and stay positive

We will overcome  

© Susan Zutautas 2020



Imaginary Friend

This week over at V.J’s the weekly challenge is IMAGINARY.


When I was a little girl I would go on many long car rides with my parents. One year we were driving to Old Orchard Beach, Maine for our vacation and that’s when I came up with an imaginary friend that I called, my little piece of wind who’d enter the car when I opened the window. 

You’re always willing to listen

to everything I say

It doesn’t really matter

the time of day

You come with me wherever I go

even to places, I do not know

You are my little piece of wind

When I think of you, it makes me grin





Nightfall – #Gogyōka

The following poem was written in response to Colleen’s 2020 Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge.

This week’s prompt, The Night Sky. 

This week I decided to try something new to me, a Gogyōka poem.


Image by Pexels from Pixabay 


Darkened at the end of the day

Luminous stars light the sky

The moon above shines brightly

North Star will guide your way

Look up to see pure magnificence


© Susan Zutautas 2020







Cherry Tree Blossoms – Haiku

The following haiku was written in response to #Haikai Challenge #131.


Japanese Cherry Trees Flowers

Image by  Diese lizenzfreien Fotos darfst du zwar verwenden from Pixabay


Blossoming beauty

A sure sign that spring arrived

Pleasing aroma

© Susan Zutautas 2020



Vino – #Haiku

The following #haiku was written in response to Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge. 


Unfilled consumed frill

Pendulous exhibition


© Susan Zutautas 2020


The Girl In The Window

The following poem was written in response to #FFFC#57.


 Tama66 at

Looking out into the dark night

Wanting to escape, knowing it was right

Longing to see her family

Perhaps she should cause a calamity

If she left she’d be tracked

If found she’d be attacked

Brought here many years ago

For reasons many didn’t want to know

The woman that brought her here

Knew not what she’d endear

Planning her great escape

Before she was again raped


© Susan Zutautas 2020




Isolation Better Than Death

The following was written in response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 



Contagious, brutal

Isolation transcendent

We Must Be Patient

© Susan Zutautas 2020



What a Mess

The following was written for a challenge called Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor over at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.


The classroom was a zoo

the teacher had loose screws

she didn’t know what to do

The classroom was a mess

Looked like a tornado, no less






My Favorite Place to Be #writephoto

The following poem was written in response to a challenge over at Sue Vincent’s called Thursday photo prompt: Lambent #writephoto

writephoto lambent


I sit upon the shore at twilight

The lambent waters delight

The clouds above are calling me

They want to show me

How I can be free

I go down to the water to dip my toes

I pass a boat that is appose

Sitting down on a rock

I take in the beauty of this spot

I return here every chance I get

For here I never have to fret

My favorite place of all the lands

Right here in my homeland


© Susan Zutautas 2020



Keeping Warm – Haiku

Today’s word of the day from Kristian is “Nest”.


Image by Just killing time from Pixabay 


Baby birds huddle

Embracing each others warmth

Cuddling in the nest

© Susan Zutautas 2020