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My Best Before Date Has Been Changed

This post is in response to One-Liner Wednesday.



Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay 

Sun Shadows

The following pictures are for a 2020 Home Photo Challenge over at Pastor J’s.


tree sunlight


I was looking out at my backyard this morning and noticed as the sunlight hit the trees it gave them an orangey glow.

I waited about twenty minutes or so and took the second photo which shows the true colour of the trees.

tree sunlight 2

Dogedin Mural

Many dogs painted on a wall.


dogs on wall

Photo by Susan Zutautas

dogs wall 2dogs 3walldogs wall 4dogs wall

These pictures are for  Saturday Six Word Musings over at Debbie’s.

I took all of these photos while in Dunedin, Florida. They are on an outside wall of Skips Bar on Main Street. The artist is Anna Hamilton. If you’d like to read about this wall please follow the link.

Canada Day Blues

This post is for July Blues over at Becky’s.

blues july2

Lake Couchiching Park, Orillia, Ontario July 1st, 2019

Spent a beautiful sunny day at the park yesterday enjoying all the Canada Day celebrations.

blue july02

Keep our Parks Clean

blue flowers july 2

All photos are the property of Susan Zutautas. Please do not copy or borrow without first obtaining permission.


Letter R & Rose

From Orillia’s Streets Alive “Letters”
A Rose from Mother’s Day

This post is for May 20 Photo a Day & Colour and Letter Challenges.

Street Art in Orillia, Ontario

Each year Orillia has a different theme for street art.

Sail Boats
Stephen Leacock. The theme was chairs
Letters were the theme
The theme was guitars

The theme for this year is going to be “Off The Chain” which should be interesting to see what people come up with.

Local artists get together each year and create something for that years theme.

This is for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #45.

Finding the Motherload

One day last week I was in a shop called The Birdhouse. I often go there to browse and see what’s new. Looking around I noticed a few walls that were saturated with signs. I felt as if I’d hit the motherload. I’ve been in there hundreds of times before but the signs never drew me in like they did that day.


signs 2

signs 3

This post is for Friday Follies Season 3 Episode 1. 

Goodbye Spiky March Squares

spiky rocks

Thank you to Becky

Spiky March Squares has been fun

This is the last day


March thirty-first has

arrived too quickly for me

Inspirations found


Meeting new people

I’m gratefully on cloud nine

Thanks again Becky


spiky grass

Spiky old grass

© Susan Zutautas 2019


March wrapup for spiky can be found over at Becky’s.




Feeling Like a Tourist

spiky opera house

Orillia Opera House

Here are some spiky squares I took the other day while on a walk around Orillia feeling like a tourist.

This one is of the Orillia Opera House. If you’re a Gordon Lightfoot fan you can see him perform here several times a year.

spiky church

This is Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church in Orillia which is very close to where I live. All the brickwork is in limestone.

Linking up to Spiky March Squares over at Becky’s.

Spiky Squares for March – Candleholder

This post is for Spiky March Squares over at BeckyB’s

Feel free to join in on the fun and hope to see you there.



Candles shining brightly in the night

Losing oneself in the glow

Daydreaming about romance

Basking in thoughts of passion

© Susan Zutautas 2019