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Looking Up

Posting these pictures for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Point Your Camera Upwards.


looking up at the moon

The Moon at Twilight by S. Zutautas

heaven opening up.jpg

Heavens Opening Up by S. Zutautas

In My Book

new in town 10This is a novella that I wrote back in 2013. I would call it a suspense mystery, and it’s available on Amazon.

Morag enthusiastically begins her new life in Toronto. Shortly after getting settled she meets Ian. Is their meeting by chance, or is it fate? Suspense builds after a break-in occurs and Morag finds her life in turmoil.

This post is for 2019 Photography Challenge. #2019picoftheweek. I chose In My Book as a prompt.

About the picture: My husband and I created and photographed the cover of the book.




Broken Ice – Haiku

spiky broken ice

Broken, cracked, pile up

Gathered for relocation

Evanesce, transpire

© Susan Zutautas 2019


The picture is in response to Becky’s Spiky March Squares challenge.






Canada Goose

Canada Goose

I saw This Canada goose one day while I was at a hospital, and he was down below me outside, in a mechanical area, quite a fair distance away.  I stood watching him wondering why he was there and all alone. He would fly from one thing to another but appeared to be having problems getting into flight. He kept trying to fly but could only get so high and then he’d land.  A few geese from his flock (so I thought) showed up and  after a few more attempts he gained air and flew away,

This post is for Spiky March Squares over at Becky’s.


Flower of the Day

This flower is for a challenge over at Cee’s Photography

friday flower

Spiky Squares Lobsterfest

This picture is for Becky’s #Spiky Squares March challenge.

spiky lobster

Got this little guy or girl magnet/bottle opener when I was in Prince Edward Island.

Spiky March Squares Brush

This photo is for a March Spiky Squares challenge over at Becky’s.

spiky brush

I was reading a few quotes about hair brushes and most of them are pretty lame. I did, however, find one by Katy Perry.

You know you’re living right when you wake up, brush your hair – and confetti falls out!