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Silent Sunday

bear sculpture

On the way to the bear beer store. 

It’s Just a Routine – Six Sentence Story

grocery list

I had my list of the items I needed to get at the bakery/deli for dinner along with some empty cans to take back to the beer store, a prescription that needed filling, and Al added a six-pack of Pepsi to the list and we needed tomatoes.

There wasn’t the usual traffic that I was used to seeing at 4pm and each place I went to I walked in got what I needed and was surprised to see that there weren’t any people in the stores which made me think that perhaps people were actually taking heed and staying home because of the Coronavirus. Either way, I was happy that there weren’t a lot of people around.

On a normal day in Orillia, Ontario making all these stops would have taken me at least an hour perhaps longer. Whenever I have more than one stop to make I follow a routine; I plan out my route, I always have a list (I’m old and forgetful, I need a list) and I drive keeping in mind the best way to go to save on gas.

When I arrived home my husband Al couldn’t believe how fast I got everything done until I explained to him how deserted all the places were.


© Susan Zutautas 2020

Written for Six Sentence Story over at Denise’s.




Hunting For Photos

The following pictures are for a challenge called Lens-Artist Challenge #85 Treasure Hunt 


Remission Rocks

Sunrise in Algonquin Park

Florida beach

Hot day at a beach in Florida

ice cubes

Ice Cubes

bruce my boy



Duck at the Lake

Canada Goose

Canada Goose

wheels 1




Prince Edward Island, Canada

catholic church

Catholic Church, West St., Orillia, Ontario

Guitar in Tennesee


couch 2

Boats docked in Orillia, Ontario

Christmas 2016

My son Garth cooking a prime rib



Day 3 – Boardwalk Lines

This photo is for Lines and Squares challenge over at Becky’s.

boardwalk lines

Lake Couchiching Park, Orillia, Ontario



Goodbye to Fred’s

Fred’s Meat Market, Orillia, Ontario
Big box stores have moved on in
Forcing closures of family establishments
Fred’s closed I learned this week
Brown papered windows is all you can now see
50 years in the community
Long gone is the land of opportunity
It’s all about the corporations and their riches
Tossing the little guys into the ditches
It used to be so nice to walk into our neighborhood stores
Once greeted by name making you feel you mattered more
Not the same in these massive places to shop
They’re so big, takes forever, feeling like you’ll drop
Big box stores have moved on in
Customer service seems a little thin
No friendly smiles when you now enter stores
They just want your money, no less, no more
Fred’s Meat Market was a butcher store

It will be missed by me, and many more

Here’s something that I recently acquired.