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Sadly Starving

The mama bear and her cub were getting tired, so they stopped for the night. They were traveling towards Churchill, Manitoba on Hudson Bay, the polar bear capital of the world. Here they would be able to hunt for ringed seals. Sadly, not knowing about climate change, the ice normally on Hudson Bay was late coming this year.


The bears are hungry

Starving, anticipating

Ice to appear soon


When arriving in Churchill they came upon many other polar bears and new friendships began.

Finally, when the ice formed, it was game on for seal hunting.

Still many would die.


This was written for a flash fiction challenge (even though true) over at Carrot Ranch. This weeks prompt was to write about (in 99 words, no more, no less) the absence of ice.





Broken Ice – Haiku

spiky broken ice

Broken, cracked, pile up

Gathered for relocation

Evanesce, transpire

© Susan Zutautas 2019


The picture is in response to Becky’s Spiky March Squares challenge.






Spiky March Squares – Huge Icicles

This post is for Spiky March Squares over at BeckyB’s


These huge icicles are hanging off the side of my house. Hopefully, they’ll melt and fall soon. Bring on Spring!

spiky ice