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Baking Disaster


Image by zarelyafr from Pixabay


It was late on a Friday evening the eve of my husband’s birthday and I had not made his cake yet.

I had all the ingredients lined up in a row on the counter. Pans were greased and floured, and the oven was pre-heating.

Quickly I mixed all the needed ingredients together, poured them into two pans, and popped them in the oven. I would frost the cake first thing in the morning.

Fast Forward

The kids had all come over for the birthday celebration and we were just about to dive into the cake.

Taking my first bite I thought the taste was a little off and a bit salty. Everyone put their forks down and looked at me for an answer. I didn’t know quite what to say.

Hubby speaks up and says, “Uh oh, guess this is a little late but for April Fools Day I switched up the sugar with salt. Thought it would be funny, but it looks like it backfired on me”.

“Oh great, I replied, I thought it was sugar not salt”.

This was written for Story Starter Challenge.

Prompt: I thought it was sugar.