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Found Guilty

Originally written on February 14, 2014. Today I’m sharing this for Fandango’s Friday Flashback. 


I was found guilty of committing the crime
A repeat offender – I’ve done years of time
A life sentence now, plus a few
Doing the time, for the crime
I’ve committed with you
Not all perfect, I’ll be the first to say
But all so worth it, every last day
Never wanting it to end
You’re my lover and my best friend
We met, we married, we’ve had such fun
Raised three boys
We’ve both wanted to run
You’ve stuck with me through all of the pain
Even when I was driving you insane
We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, but never
Has our love once died
So Ha, ha, to the relatives who said,
We’d not survive
Yes, I’ll admit here today,
I’m still guilty of committing the crime
If I could go back and change one thing
All I’d want is a bigger diamond ring (giggles)
Happy Valentine’s Day Al
My lover, my partner in crime
My BEST PAL, of all time
© Susan Zutautas 2014





Let’s Go Blue Jays Let’s Go – Finish the Sentence Friday

By Mdf (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Now, people listen, we want to win
We won’t let the Royals do us in

We are the fans of the Jays
We lift our hands, we shout hooray

It’s been twenty three years
Since we won the first of two World Series
So let’s play ball and have some fun

We come in peace, we come in joy
Tonight we will toast to our boys

We’ve been around since 76
With Bats and Balls we’re pretty slick

We are the mighty Toronto Blue Jays fans
Tonight we play game 6 of 7
And plan to hit the balls to heaven

Now, people listen, we want to win

We won’t let the Royals do us in

Linking up to “Finish the Sentence Friday” over at Finding Ninee

I Wonder

Margaret Bruce Stirling 

I wonder if you’re looking down at me
From way up high above the trees

I wonder if you see the tears in my eyes
When I think of you and break down and cry

I wonder if you know how much I miss you so
Why of why did you have to go

I wonder if you hear my words
Talking to your picture, is that absurd

I wonder if you’re beside me
On the days I need a mother to be

I wonder if I’ll see you again
When I go to heaven in the end

©April 23, 2015 Susan Zutautas

This poem was written for Finish the Sentence Friday The prompt “I Wonder” 

It’s All About Learning – FTSF

By Paul Lowry (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
McGill University  Arts Building, in Montreal Quebec

I am done with school, but not with learning
A strong desire for knowledge,  my mind always churning

The choice to return, is always there
You’re never too old, so never despair

Life itself is a learning tool
In it’s own way, it can be like school

From experience we gain
Knowledge to attain

Things we need to know
To aide and help us grow

The older we get the wiser we become
No matter who you are, no matter where you are from

This poem was written for Finish the Sentence Friday. A blog hop where each week you are given a prompt. This weeks FTSF prompt was, “I am done with school but …..”

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My goals for this year

This is a blog hop called Finish The Sentence Friday.

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