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Hibiscus – Flower of the Day


Rosemallows Hibiscus

This hibiscus photo is for FOTD over at Cee’s Photo Challenges. 





Flowering Ash Tree

flowering tree 3

Photo by Susan Zutautas

This picture is for FOTD or Flower of the Day over at Cee’s Photo Challenges.




Pink Wild Roses

wild roses 2019


My wild roses share a spot in the garden with some of my hostas. This year has been the best year yet for the roses.

This post is for Cee’s FOTD challenge.

Lilacs in Bloom

This post is for FOTD, Flower of the Day.

June 8 FOTD

Once I see my lilacs in bloom I know that summer is truly coming.

FOTD Lilacs

Buds Have Arrived

This post is for FOTD (Flower of the Day)


Lilac Tree Budding


Last year we had to trim a great deal of our lilac tree back and because of that, I didn’t think we’d see any flowers for a few years. After mowing the lawn the other day I went to investigate and happily found buds. Can’t wait until they are in full bloom.

The Daffodil

S.Zutautas (5)

This post is for FOTD, Flower of the Day.

Late arriving this year, the daffodil.


My Flowering Dogwood Tree

flowering treeflowering tree 2

It was just this year that I noticed that this tree had flowers on it. These are the best pictures I could get of it which I had to take through a bedroom window in the upstairs of my home.

I was doing a bit of research on the Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida) and found out that it could grow as high as 40 feet.


This post is for FOTD, Flower of the Day.

A Hidden Gem

a hidden gem

A photo from my rock garden.

This picture is for FOTD.

Yellow Amongst Pussy-Willows


Flower of The Day challenge over at Cee”s

Tulips – Flower of The Day


This picture is for Cee’s Photo Challenge, Flower of The Day or FOTD