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The New Beginning

A short fiction story about a couple named Mary and Sam.

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Trunky the Elephant

Save the elephants.

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Climbing to the Top – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #16

Looking at the steep stairs I didn’t know if I could reach the top without passing out from loss of breath but knowing if I didn’t make it up there soon, it may be too late to get our marriage license.

To distract myself from my breathing I counted the stairs as I escalated to the top stopping twice to catch my breath. I was starting to feel like the “Little Engine That Could.”

Twenty, thirty, geez how many steps are there. People were passing me and there was one young kid who was taking the steps two at a time. Oh, to be that young and energetic again.

Finally making it to the top I stood at a standstill wheezing. These poor old lungs couldn’t take this anymore, but I had to obtain that license.

I entered city hall just before they were about to close.


This was written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #16. 


The Dog That Could Talk

This is a short story about a dog named Fido that could talk.

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