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Emotional Mess

Feeling emotional

Is almost impossible

Depression sets in

Cool darkness within

Dispassionate feelings towards all

Now impassive such a downfall

Emotionless and cold

Wanting to die grows old

Unemotional, sad, suicidal

Longing for revival


© Susan Zutautas 2019


This was written for Opposites Attract Challenge by The Haunted Wordsmith.

What to Have for Easter Dinner

My son and I were discussing the Easter Sunday dinner menu like we do for most holiday family dinners since we both love to cook and usually end up making most of the meal together.

This year we are having a bit of a dilemma as we cannot come to an agreement on what type of meat to serve.

He wants prime rib, he always wants prime rib and I think a nice ham or turkey would be nice, but I am leaning towards the ham as we’ve been eating turkey since Thanksgiving and frankly, I’m getting sick of it if that’s even possible.

I find it so much easier and less work to cook a ham than a turkey with stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, brussels sprouts, and mashed turnip. You don’t have to stuff a ham, peel and cut up turnips or rutabagas, peel the potatoes, make up the stuffing to stuff the turkey … and so on.

Well looks like it’s now down to two different types of meat to serve, what do you think prime rib or ham?


This is written for Six Sentence Story.

The prompt this week is “Type”.


Where Have the Words Gone

A poem about a lost muse.

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Wordle 396


wordle 396

Written for Wordle396

Sitting outside one night looking at the moon behind the cloudy skies I felt the presence of a spirit. More than likely it was something to do with the alchemy of happiness. I felt my heart swell and I had to sing. Salt and Pepper by Harry Chapin which is a great song that I very much like about an old sailor. After singing I felt a mix of spirits around me trying to pull me down. They didn’t like that my life was happy and the fact that they were trying to ruin that was like a bee sting to me. Suddenly I felt a chill so I got up and returned home. 


Place In My Heart

bruce my boy

Bruce My Boy

Missing you with all my heart, Bruce and hoping that you’re in a good place now, free from pain, and happy.

You were my shadow, always there beside me, protecting me from harm, full of wet sloppy kisses, and you were such a charm.

Remembering the day that we had to say goodbye, was one of the hardest things, having to watch you die.

Today would have been your twelfth birthday and I’m still so very sad but hope to meet up with you one day in Heaven, and then I’ll be so glad.

Just wanted to let you know that I think of you every day and think of all the good times and the times we’d play.

You touched my heart the day I met you, and it was love at first sight, always will love you every day and every night.


This was written for Six Sentence StoryThe word prompt this week is “Place”.

Wordle #125

Words are:


Wordle 125


Feeling a little playful I thought it might be fun to go to a bar have a few beers and dance. Seemed like the customary thing to do on a Saturday night. I sashayed over to my charming husband as he was stretching but he didn’t want to go as he had the shiggles all day and his stomach was anfractuous.  Instead of going out, we stayed home, had lots of wine, got tipsy and watched the Twilight Zone.

If you’d like to play along here’s the link.

The Dog That Could Talk

This is a short story about a dog named Fido that could talk.

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