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What to Have for Easter Dinner

My son and I were discussing the Easter Sunday dinner menu like we do for most holiday family dinners since we both love to cook and usually end up making most of the meal together.

This year we are having a bit of a dilemma as we cannot come to an agreement on what type of meat to serve.

He wants prime rib, he always wants prime rib and I think a nice ham or turkey would be nice, but I am leaning towards the ham as we’ve been eating turkey since Thanksgiving and frankly, I’m getting sick of it if that’s even possible.

I find it so much easier and less work to cook a ham than a turkey with stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, brussels sprouts, and mashed turnip. You don’t have to stuff a ham, peel and cut up turnips or rutabagas, peel the potatoes, make up the stuffing to stuff the turkey … and so on.

Well looks like it’s now down to two different types of meat to serve, what do you think prime rib or ham?


This is written for Six Sentence Story.

The prompt this week is “Type”.



Where Have the Words Gone

A poem about a lost muse.

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Umbrella Tree in March

spiky tree

March has been a lot of fun with Becky’s photo challenge. Looking forward to June to see what the next challenge will be.

This is for Spiky March Squares over at Becky’s.

Place of Worship – Senryu

A four stanza senryu about a place of worship that is now deserted.

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Down at High Noon Lane

CCC #19

We all went down to High Noon Lane

Why you ask

Well, It’s hard to explain


The grass was greener on the other side

Come with me and you can decide


Fresh Spring flowers were blooming there

All you could smell was sweet fresh air


In the summertime, you can go for a swim

There’s a rope hanging  from a tree limb


Bring a lunch or something to eat

I’ll be happy to share my treats


I’ll let you know next time we go

Get a ride with your neighbor Joe


© Susan Zutautas 2019

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #19





Spiky Pins

spiky pins

This photo is for Spiky March Squares over at Becky’s.

Wordle #125

Words are:


Wordle 125


Feeling a little playful I thought it might be fun to go to a bar have a few beers and dance. Seemed like the customary thing to do on a Saturday night. I sashayed over to my charming husband as he was stretching but he didn’t want to go as he had the shiggles all day and his stomach was anfractuous.  Instead of going out, we stayed home, had lots of wine, got tipsy and watched the Twilight Zone.

If you’d like to play along here’s the link.

Flower of the Day

This flower is for a challenge over at Cee’s Photography

friday flower

Spiky March Squares Brush

This photo is for a March Spiky Squares challenge over at Becky’s.

spiky brush

I was reading a few quotes about hair brushes and most of them are pretty lame. I did, however, find one by Katy Perry.

You know you’re living right when you wake up, brush your hair – and confetti falls out!

Dragon Crossing

Under his breath, the dragon huffed, “I can hear you up there Knight Slayer. You’re not going to fare well should I decide to come up there and get you. You’ve been warned before by my offsprings that you’re never to try and cross over here or you will be tortured. It won’t be a pretty sight!”

Meanwhile up above on the bridge Knight Slayer was practically holding his breath praying that the dragon would not be awakened by his horse’s footsteps. Maybe he should have left his stallion behind at the camp. This was the only possible way to the castle where his family resided.

Suddenly he thought he heard someone whispering his name. Terror-stricken, he wasn’t sure whether to gallop away or stop and face his fears.

“Dragon, is that you talking to me? I think perhaps you and I should come to some sort of agreement. Can we talk?”

“Knight Slayer, have you not been warned before, are you an imbecile? What could you possibly have to say to me?”

“I was just thinking that perhaps if I brought you something every time I needed to cross over here, that you’d let me pass.”

“Hmm.” snorted the dragon while holding his chin. “What might your offering be?”

“Are you a carnivore or an omnivore?”

“I’m an everthingvore. you silly little twerp. Why do you ask?”

“Well you see, I’m on my way to visit my family and they are hunters meaning they have quite an abundance of prey that I could bring back with me tomorrow for your enjoyment.”

“Hmm”, holding his chin again. “I suppose you will expect me to allow you passage each time you come and go.”

“Yes, that’s what I’m hoping for.”

Big sigh. “Well just as long as your offerings are meaty and tasty, I suppose we could try this but you’d better possess something favorable tomorrow on your way back.”

“Of course, of course, I will, you have my word.”

“Fine then, be gone!”

And this is how the friendship of man and dragon began.

© Susan Zutautas 2019

This was written for Tuesday Weekly Challenge called What do you See?