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Goodbye to Fred’s

Fred’s Meat Market, Orillia, Ontario
Big box stores have moved on in
Forcing closures of family establishments
Fred’s closed I learned this week
Brown papered windows is all you can now see
50 years in the community
Long gone is the land of opportunity
It’s all about the corporations and their riches
Tossing the little guys into the ditches
It used to be so nice to walk into our neighborhood stores
Once greeted by name making you feel you mattered more
Not the same in these massive places to shop
They’re so big, takes forever, feeling like you’ll drop
Big box stores have moved on in
Customer service seems a little thin
No friendly smiles when you now enter stores
They just want your money, no less, no more
Fred’s Meat Market was a butcher store

It will be missed by me, and many more

Here’s something that I recently acquired.