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In My Book

new in town 10This is a novella that I wrote back in 2013. I would call it a suspense mystery, and it’s available on Amazon.

Morag enthusiastically begins her new life in Toronto. Shortly after getting settled she meets Ian. Is their meeting by chance, or is it fate? Suspense builds after a break-in occurs and Morag finds her life in turmoil.

This post is for 2019 Photography Challenge. #2019picoftheweek. I chose In My Book as a prompt.

About the picture: My husband and I created and photographed the cover of the book.





2019 Photography Challenge – Delicious

Taco Salad bowl


Over at Maria Antonia’s, there’s a photo challenge going on. There are many different prompts for you to choose from. I chose, delicious as my prompt.

I love to cook and create new recipes to enjoy with family and or friends. If I go to a restaurant and order something that I like or think I could make at home but better I’m on it.

I really enjoy making taco salads and one day decided to figure out how to make a taco salad edible bowl. If you’d like to see how I do this please follow the link to my recipe blog.