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Talking Mannequin – Flash Fiction


Man, it’s been a long day. Just need to get off my feet for a while they’re killing me.
What do you think of my new hat? Goes well with the new hair colour, wouldn’t you say.
Not sure what happened to these two behind me. Thinking maybe they went in for a little cosmetic surgery. Hope their heads come back soon. It gets lonely around here when the lights go out and everyone has gone home for the night.
Guess I’ll just have to sing the night away …… All by myself, don’t wanna be all by myself … anymore.



This is written for 100 Word Wednesday over at Bikurgurl’s.

A Simple Conversation


Image by Bikurgurl

What do you think that is down there?

Not sure, want to go down and have a look?

Nah, don’t have my suit with me, and that water looks cold. Besides, I told the kids we’d meet them right here. Should be any moment.

Augh, away with ya. Our kids are perpetually late. You know that woman!

One of these days they’ll surprise you.

Doubt that day will be today.

How about we have some fish for supper tonight? Rod’s in the trunk.

Hmm, ya sure that might be good for a change. One thing though, you catch, you clean.

This was written for 100 Word Wednesday.