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Silent Sunday Visitor

silent sunday

A visitor on Silent Sunday

Guilty or Innocent – Part 12

The following was written for a challenge called #SixSentenceStory over at Denise’s. This week’s prompt word is “Passion”.
My story is ongoing and I began writing it on March 18th. It is about a boy by the name of Pete Patterson. During a random locker check a bag of pot was found in Pete’s locker. If you’d like to read this from the beginning, it starts here.


Image by elizabethaferry from Pixabay


Mr. Taylor sat there with an incredulous look not answering Jane.

“Where would my son even get such leaves, they sure don’t grow around here,” chimed in Pete’s dad who was from the southern part of the USA.

“Sam was in Texas visiting his grandparents during spring break with his parents and could have easily brought the leaves back,” said Jane.

“Hmm, I see, said Mr. Taylor as he tapped the notepad in front of him with his pen. I do not want to bother the Wilkinson’s about this matter again but …”

“But what!” Pete’s dad said with no passion whatsoever.


To be continued …

Last Photo for May 2020

bumble bee

If you look very closely you’ll see a bumblebee. Not a great capture but …

This picture is for a challenge by Brian over at bushboys world.

Herb Garden – Tanka

herb garden

Herb Garden 2020

Growing herbs this year

Basil, Oregano, Thyme

and Curly Parsley

Basil is my favorite

Can’t pass without inhaling


© Susan Zutautas 2020


Written for Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 180, #Poet’sChoice.

Lilacs 2020 – Haiku

lilacs 2020

My Lilac tree 2020


Sweetest aroma

Comes the end of May

Beautiful lilacs displayed


© Susan Zutautas 2020

lilacs 2 2020

High Above the Shore

High upon a rocky cliff

He watches as ships come in

Protector of this great land

He is the Guardian

© Susan Zutautas 2020


Written for Thursday photo prompt: Guardian #writephoto




Silent Sunday

bear sculpture

On the way to the bear beer store. 

Mountain Getaway – Haiku


Image by David Mark from Pixabay 


Calm and relaxing

True beauty at its finest

Mother Nature’s bliss


© Susan Zutautas 2020




P.U. – SoCS

stream of consciousness Saturday

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!


The stinky skunk tried to spray

The dog tried to getaway

But she was a little slow

as she’d just been spayed

Sadly her stitches did splay




This was written for #SoCS – Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Snowy Summer’s Day – Flash Fiction

The following flash fiction was written for this week’s challenge over atCarrot Ranch.

In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using two words that contradict. Examples include champagne and hard-rock; rosemary and sewage; duck down and firecrackers; sleep and square-dancing. Use one of these or make up your own. Go where the prompt leads!


Image by Carolyn Skipper from Pixabay 

It was June, Meg and Ian had just moved into their first home. Ian was outside exploring when the wind picked up. “Meg come outside; you have to see this.”

Meg was in the kitchen busily unpacking boxes and welcomed the break.

Walking out into the yard Meg saw exactly why Ian had called her out. On the ground laid hundreds of tiny white flowers carpeting the pathway to the side yard. Just as Meg was about to say something hundreds more floated down from above.

“Oh, Ian how beautiful, it looks like we have a few Dogwood trees.”


© Susan Zutautas 2020