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Posts from the ‘V.J.’s Weekly Challenge’ Category

Remembering Back

The following post was inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #93: remember.


My three sons.

3 brothers

Oh how I miss those days so much

Getting a smile from a gentle touch

Watching you sleep was such a joy

I was blessed with 3 baby boys

continued here


Our Wedding Day

wedding day


Remembering back I have to say

Twas such a lovely wedding day

I wouldn’t change it for the world

You’ve made me such a happy girl

I love you more than I did back then

I’ll love you more beyond the end





Imaginary Friend

This week over at V.J’s the weekly challenge is IMAGINARY.


When I was a little girl I would go on many long car rides with my parents. One year we were driving to Old Orchard Beach, Maine for our vacation and that’s when I came up with an imaginary friend that I called, my little piece of wind who’d enter the car when I opened the window. 

You’re always willing to listen

to everything I say

It doesn’t really matter

the time of day

You come with me wherever I go

even to places, I do not know

You are my little piece of wind

When I think of you, it makes me grin





Fun With Clichés


“Extract from a cartoon by Priestman Atkinson, from the Punch Almanack for 1885, mocking clichéd expressions in the popular literature of the time”


The following was written for a challenge over at V.J.’s called:

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #86: cliché


The grass is always greener

or so they say

But my grass is a labor of love


A little bird told me just the other day

A little of this, a little of that

Goes a long way


A penny saved, is a penny earned

After all, it’s a no brainer


A place for everything and everything in its place

is a sight for sore eyes