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SOFTMOC Birkenstock Shoe Review

new birks

Last August I had purchased online a pair of Mayari Birkenstocks.¬† I am one that wears my Birkenstocks all year round. Yes even in the Winter months. In the snow? No of course not, only in the house. Normally I will get 4-5 years wear out of the shoes. I’m a huge fan of Birkenstocks and have been wearing them for years.

Yesterday morning when I put my shoes on the toe strap broke. I was very surprised. Great I thought just my luck, being that it’s beginning of summer. I got online and started looking to see if there were any reasonable priced Birkenstocks on sale. Then thinking to myself maybe the company I bought them from would either fix the sandal or possibly give me a discount on a new pair. Luckily I’d paid for them through my PayPal account and I was able to get all the information.

I sent SOFTMOC shoes an email and they replied back to me within an hour. They informed me that all their products have a 1 Year Reasonable Wear Guarantee. All I had to do was to go into a SOFTMOC store with my sales receipt (which the sent to me) and show the shoe to a salesperson. If I wasn’t close to a store then I could ship them to head office.

I was happy as I knew of a SOFTMOC store not too far away from me. Yesterday afternoon I returned the pair of shoes to the store and showed them the email SOFTMOC had sent to me along with the receipt. No questions asked the sales girl went into the back room and brought back a new pair of sandals for me.

It’s so nice to see that there are still retailers out there that care about their customers and I have to say I’m a very happy customer and will continue to shop at SOFTMOC.