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Family of Squirrels

The following children’s poem was written in response to Crispina’s weekly challenge. 


There’s a tree in the field where squirrels love to play

The trunk is partially hollowed out, come with me to see it today

I’ll introduce you to my friends

You’ll see that there are ten

A family of squirrels that all have names

They are friendly and quite tame

Mama likes to sit on my boot

She really is such hoot

Squirrel Daddy

Never treats anyone badly

Then there is Fuzzy whos never bathed

He was very stinky the other day

The eldest girls name is Pearly

and yes she is squirrely

Next, there are the twin’s Skippy and Slappy

They’re so much fun and always happy

A flying squirrel whose name is Rocky

His mama says he’s quite cocky

Another male, that’s quite burly

Due to his tail, his name is Curly

Abby is my favorite girl

She loves to whirl and twirl

The last of the ten is named Sandy

She’s always asking me for candy

Please come along with me today

Meet the squirrels who love to play


© Susan Zutautas 2020













After Hibernation #writephoto


The following was written in response to a photo prompt over at SueVincent’s. 


writephoto otherworldly


Waking up after a long winter’s nap

I stretch, open my eyes and hear something snap

Looking around inside my cave

My stomach growls …

Berries I do crave

I peer outside beyond the rocks

Baby bear is talking to a hawk

He must have awoken before me

He’s having fun, he’s full of glee

I call to him, he turns around

Mama, he says, look who I’ve found

I see you’re talking to your friend out there

Let’s go find some berries that we can share

Your friend can come along with us

We may even find some charlotte russe

Off they went all three of them

Baby bear, hawk, and his mom


© Susan Zutautas 2020




Poem for Bear – What do you see #17

This children’s poem was written for a challenge over at Keep it Alive called What do you see.

what do you see feb 2020

Image Credit; Lisa Fotios- Pixabay



There was a bear upon my bed

He looked like a sleepyhead

I picked him up and said hello

He said to me please don’t go

Where did you come from little bear

I don’t know somewhere out there

I’d love to stay with you and play

But I must go to school today

Please take me with you he said

I don’t want to stay here on this bed

I picked him up and off flew

We make such a lovely two

©Susan Zutautas 2020

Happy Easter Everyone

An Easter poem for children

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