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Flowery Sign

This post is for Friday Follies

flowershop sign


I’ve been driving past this sign for months now and finally the other day I pulled over into the right lane, put on my hazard lights, and tried to take a photo. My phone camera wouldn’t cooperate and I kept looking out my rearview mirror to make sure I wasn’t going to get rear-ended.  It took me a good five minutes to get the camera to work.

Street’s Flower Shop on Coldwater Road in Orillia has always had this sign outside their store with funny little sayings on it. On the other side of this sign, it says Herb your enthusiasm. Throughout the year they change up the messages.

Life Was More Fun With Newfs

newfs and potato chipsnewf cup

This post is for Friday Follies Season 3 Episode 8.

Friday Follies Season 3 Episode 5

bathroom sign

This picture is for Friday Follies Season 3 Episode 5.

I remember when my 3 boys were young I made a sign for the bathroom wall behind the toilet. This is what it said.


If you sprinkle while you tinkle

Be a sweetie and wipe the seatie

If it ends up on the floor

Wipe it up and don’t do it anymore. 


Pick-up Signs

FF Friday Follies

Hope that everyone had a fantastic Easter. I was away last week and I can see that I have a lot of catching up to do. It will have to wait a few days though as my mother in law is having knee replacement surgery today and I’m her prime caregiver. I’ll be back ASAP.

This post is for Friday Follies Season Three Episode 3.

Hay Hay Hay, It’s Friday!

Friday signs

This picture is for  Friday Follies Season 3 Episode 2

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Finding the Motherload

One day last week I was in a shop called The Birdhouse. I often go there to browse and see what’s new. Looking around I noticed a few walls that were saturated with signs. I felt as if I’d hit the motherload. I’ve been in there hundreds of times before but the signs never drew me in like they did that day.


signs 2

signs 3

This post is for Friday Follies Season 3 Episode 1. 

Orillia Store Signs


The Kitchen Shop

The Kitchen Shop is one of my favorite stores to window shop. Rarely do I buy anything there as their prices are a bit high.


The Bird House

Sort of ironic that The Bird House would have a cat in the window but I must say he’s very friendly. This is a great place to shop for yourself or if you’re looking for a special gift for someone. They have all kinds of unique items including frogs, birdhouses, and more.

These pictures are for Friday Follies Season 2 Wrap-Up.

Fun With Bubba Gump

The following photos are for Friday Follies Season 2 Finale.

friday folies gump 1

This magnet is on my fridge

friday follies gump3

My son’s t-shirt

friday follies gump2

Back of t-shirt

Friday Follies 2/11

This picture is for Friday Follies season 2 episode 11.


bacon sign

Photo was taken by Dianna Mendez

Friday Follies 2/10 – Beer

beer sign

This post is for Season 2 Episode 10 of Friday Follies over at

Beer, who doesn’t like beer? Okay, I know not everyone enjoys drinking the suds. It is my first drink of choice. As a matter of fact, I’ve loved it since I was around two years old. Yes, you read that correctly … I did say two.

Here’s the story about my very first swig of beer.

My dad was having a beer one day and had to use the loo. In the hallway close to the bathroom was a small table and he set the beer bottle down on it. I saw this, went and picked up the bottle and finished off what was left of it. After that, anytime my dad or grandfather were having a beer, I would get a small juice glass of beer for myself.

Beer, favorite drink

One for you and one for me

Quenches the thirst, CHEERS!