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Fibbing Friday – Can You tell a Lie

This post is for Fibbing Friday.

Fibbing Friday

  1. What was the “clue” in Clue? Haven’t a clue!
  2. What did Harry Potter really do in the Chamber of Secrets? I can’t tell you as I’m a lady.
  3. What are mixed nuts? Get my mind out of the gutter 🙂
  4. What is a Stubbie holder (no cheating)?  It heats up your dinner.
  5. What’s a Scouser (no cheating)? A beer from Japan.
  6. What happened on April 10, 221 BCE? Like I’m supposed to remember way back then!
  7. Why did Mario and Luigi dislike toads? When they’d order them in a restaurant they were always burnt.
  8. Why were the Blues Brothers sad? Their move flopped.
  9. What happened to make the summer magic? Trump got impeached.
  10. What was the secret of Nimh? Can’t say, it’s a secret.
  11. Where did Gulliver travel to? To the store, to the laundry matt, to the mall and home.
  12. What did the Avengers avenge? They excused themselves from their mother’s dinner tables in order to punish each other.



I Could Never Tell a Lie

I’m a little late with this post. Hell, I’m almost a week late!
This post is written for Fibbing Friday over at The Haunted Wordsmith.

Fibbing Friday

  1. What did the fan say? Turn me on baby, I’ll heat you up.
  2. What really kicks off summer? Hot Buttered Rum and roasted chestnuts.
  3. Who rules the world? If we are not careful it may end up being Trump 😦
  4. What is the best thing to do to someone who snores? Put a pillow over their face and press hard.
  5. Who/what was your last unexpected house guest? The Queen Bee.
  6. How does a blanket keep warm? It imagines itself on a very hot beach.
  7. Why shouldn’t you snoop? Because last time I did someone tried to kill me.
  8. What is the worst thing that could happen to you? I’d win the lottery and pay off all my bills and mortgage.
  9. What did the gopher and mole do when they met? They mated of course and went underground.
  10. What lurks in your backyard? Attack squirrels and Leo the lion.
  11. What is the best way to torture someone? Lick them to death.

Fibbing Friday

Fibbing Friday

Today’s questions for Fibbing Friday over at The Haunted Wordsmith’s are as follows:

  1. What goes best on baked potatoes? Peanut butter and gummy bears.
  2. Pepsi isn’t soda pop, what is it really? Another word for Frenchman in Quebec.
  3. Where is your dream vacation? On a planet far, far away in another galaxy.
  4. Santa Claus is getting really old and forgetful, instead of presents what did he leave? All the junk mail he’d collected for a year.
  5. What is lurking under your couch cushion? Beware a skunk.
  6. Why are zombies the only thing that eats brains? Because they are so stupid.
  7. Why do people drive big trucks? It makes them feel more powerful.
  8. What do pets do at night? Forge for food in the kitchen.
  9. What is a cockle shell? A jockey strap cup.
  10. What is kept in the Tower of London? Repunzel.
  11. Why did London Bridge fall down? It had all the animals off of Noah’s Arc on it.
  12. What is at the bottom of the wishing well? A tunnel to Oak Island.
  13. What lives in the sewers? All the old politicians.
  14. Who steals the little things that go missing in your house? The same person that steals all the socks out of the dryer.
  15. What two movies belong together in a mashed movie? Kill Bill 1 and the Princess Bride? I know, dumb answer.
  16. What does M.A.S.H. stand for? Melon And Sweet Habanero.
  17. What happens at midnight in a graveyard? The tombstones all turn into pumpkins.