Fire Flash Fiction

Sitting by the pool I looked up to see smoke coming out from our apartment window.

Panic-struck,  I yelled, “Oh my God”, I’d left candles burning in my bedroom unintentionally.

Panic turned to terror then into shock thinking my step-mother would kill me for setting fire to our home.

A neighbour saw how stressed I was, grabbed me and took me into her apartment where she made me get into a cold shower and drink a straight shot of whiskey hoping that this would calm me down.

Everything turned out okay. My step-mother was happy that I was alright.


This flash fiction was written for a challenge over at Carrot Ranch. In 99 words (no more, no less) write a short story or poem using “Fire” as the prompt.

9 Comments on “Scared as Hell – Flash Fiction

  1. That the girl was terrified over what the step-mother would do is telling of that relationship, although she responded appropriately. It would be terrifying to recall lit candles upon seeing flames. My daughters were burning mantras in a bowl and it set their carpet on fire. They fled the house in terror, but my son calmly doused the flames with a water bucket, explaining he didn’t want to lose his Legos!

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  2. How old is our protagonist here? Was the step-mother happy about the neighbor giving her whiskey and throwing her in the shower?


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