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Moose Crossing


I took this photo from our truck as we were passing by the sign in New Brunswick, Canada. These signs are posted every so many miles as they have a very large moose population. Both my husband and I were on the lookout because a moose can do a lot of damage to a car. The male moose can reach up to 1500 pounds.



Male Moose USDA Forest Service [Public domain] 

This post is for Friday Foto Fun – Serious Signs.

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  1. Like running into a kangaroo, they’re tough as a rhino’

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    April 7, 2019
  2. Not a guy you’d want to run into on a dark road!!

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    April 5, 2019
  3. Brilliant. We get signs for ‘deer’, and ‘toads’, and now I see there’s one for cows along the main road into town (it crosses grazing marches) but that’s only since a late night accident last year. No serious human injuries. But the cow was killed. The road wasn’t open again tell midday next day.


    April 5, 2019
  4. wow our kangaroos make a mess of a car, can’t imagine what that big brute could do!
    Thanks for joining in the fun Susan 🙂

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    April 5, 2019

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