You’re so bubbly, Sarah? Her mother said. What’s up?

It was going to be a surprise but I’m going to get my cheeks done.

Oh, for heaven’s sake don’t tell me you’re serious!

Sarah’s father was in the other room and heard the conversation. He went out to his workshop to grab a tool thinking he might be able to change his daughter’s mind.

See this Sarah, showing her a chisel. This is a tool they use to chisel your cheekbones.

Oh, Dad, you’re so silly, the one they use is much smaller and besides I won’t be awake.


This short story is for a flash fiction challenge over at Carrot Ranch. In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story using a chisel as your prompt. If you like to write or read flash fiction, please join us over at the ranch. We have a lot of fun.

11 Comments on “Chiseled Cheekbones – Flash Fiction

  1. I saw a tv documentary where someone was having their nose reshaped and they put a chisel up the nostril to break the bone. The sound of it made my eyes water.


  2. It is so sad how our society makes young women feel like there’s something wrong with them that they have to have fixed. You wrote it as a happy, playful story, but it’s sad underneath. Nicely done.

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