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Some Days Are Harder Than Others

A little blue
Slapped in the face,
Embarrassed to think
I was on a cloud
I was self-proud
For awhile
In a flash
Ever so quickly
I crashed and
Came tumbling down
Back to earth
Ouch! That hurt
Stand up again
Pick up the
Pieces what’re left
If any of
My own self-respect
This dream of mine
Will come true
I won’t give up
I refuse to
I’ll go on
I always do
Has this ever
Happened to you?
© 2011 Susan Zutautas 
Sometimes it takes a friend or a new found acquaintance to point out flaws that we ourselves cannot see. This happened to me today, and I am grateful to this person in many ways. So even though this piece sounds terribly depressing, it isn’t so. For me it is just a learning process.

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